An Interactive Santa Claus Show

An Interactive Santa Claus Show

A magic Christmas show with an interactive Santa Claus talking to people live from a 3D projected tower

Christmas is a magical time, and nothing is more magical than Santa Claus talking to you right from the Cathedral Tower wall. Christmas time in Vilnius, year 2012, was indeed magical and special. It definitely created many warm memories as the spectacle that was brought to the passersby provoked their immediate reactions and left them with amazing impressions – especially in the young spectators’ hearts.

Lithuania’s leading events organizers, Publicum Events, always seeks to create exceptional and memorable events. One of such special cases was Christmas, year 2012. They needed a truly special event that had to take place in the breathtakingly beautiful capital of Lithuania – Vilnius. The event was supposed to combine amazing public experiences and advanced technologies.

Where there is magic, there are we. In early 2012, Publicum Events cooperated with Indeform and PM Sceen to create a unique interactive real-time 3D Santa Claus projection that is powered by cutting-edge motion capture technology. We were responsible for delivering this advanced technological solution on time – extended deadlines, obviously, being out of the question. We designed and developed a control system for an interactive Santa Claus avatar, which was controlled in real-time through six high-speed motion capture (MOCAP) cameras. We created the 3D Santa avatar – an animated 3D character enhanced with GPU special effects, micro motions and dynamic lighting. We also developed a dynamic composition of real-time rendered avatar with a video stream background to create beautiful and warm Christmas atmosphere. This made different secondary characters like dwarfs, deer and angels available as well; they could jump in to create a story or sing a karaoke together with the impressed audience.

We combined cutting-edge innovative and modern technologies. Cameras, microphones and display systems created warm and two-way communication between Santa Claus and the audience. Modern and versatile Linux multimedia systems, custom-made OpenGL engine GLSL shaders, voice control and control of dynamic scenes took this show to a highly impressive and spectacular level.